Each of the 14 hands-on exhibits in the North Shore Children’s Museum explores different themes to tap into a child’s imagination. From building and designing to investigating new materials to reading and engaging in dramatic play, learning has never been so fun!

Check out our sneak peak tour, showing our 14 exhibits paces in progress! All of our exhibits are listed below. Some will be rotated on an annual basis.

Sensory Space

This mindfulness exhibit offers yoga, meditation space, soft lighting, and reading-based activities for the whole family. It provides a quiet space for little ones who may need a break from overstimulation.

Farm to Table

Created in partnership with Newhall Fields, enter our farmer’s market! There is an interactive kitchen, barnyard playset and market display that helps to model the USDA “My Plate” importance of a fresh, healthy diet.

Artwork by Emily Cooper



Our banking exhibit, sponsored by North Shore Bank, includes a fun play-bank complete with cash registers and pretend money. Kids can vote on where they want to put their coins on our interactive magnetic money board!

Outer Space

Take a trip to the solar system in our special outer space room, complete with glow-in-the-dark planets and stars. Learn about shadows with our projector and light cubes.

Artwork by Sheila Billings 

Gross Motor

Our gross-motor room is the perfect place for kids to get their energy out! Play with our giant LEGO blocks, build in our Construction Corner, and climb and slide on our Cedarworks indoor playset.

Gross Motor Jr.

This room serves as a safe space for children ages 0-4, with a Cedarworks rocker and playset, foam floor, and soft toys for our tiniest visitors.


Children can create their own train tracks, learn how trains work with magnets, and play with our interactive electronic model train set.

Artwork by Mike Butler

Model train from NE Train Store 


In partnership with the Peabody Institute Library, concepts such as flight, air current, air resistance, and gravity are explored through play and hands-on investigation with our wind tunnel.

Doctor's Office

Children can play make-believe with dolls, medical equipment, x-rays, and costumes in our play-pediatrician’s office. 

Artwork by Ron Lebrasseur

Bugs and Bees

Learn about insects and their impact on our ecosystem, by digging in our sensory bins.

Artwork by Bruce Orr



Explore the world of comic books in our interactive toons exhibit!

Artwork by Pasquale Minichillo, Jr.


Go Fish!

Learn about topography with our sand table and interact with our touchscreen ocean game. Celebrating the North Shore’s coastal history, we know your little ones will have fun aboard this exhibit.

Artwork by Erin Survilas 


Flip through our giant storybook, play with our puppet theater and, dress up as your favorite characters!

Artwork by Yetti Frankel


BEAM Projector Game Room

Check out our interactive gaming floor, with BEAM software that brings 100 ever-changing games and activities to our biggest exhibit room.