Field Trips at North Shore Children’s Museum

September 22, 2023

When we think September, we think Back to School. North Shore Children’s Museum loves to host school groups for field trips! Our 15 hands-on exhibits provide interactive experiences that apply classroom teachings and allow positive interactions with peers. Our spaces are designed to cater best to ages 2-8, but we are happy to work with teachers outside of that range to figure out how we can make a field trip to North Shore Children’s Museum work for your class.

Field trips are offered on Mondays and Tuesdays in 2-hour blocks. The museum is closed to the public on these days, so field trip participants have the entire museum to themselves. Upon arrival, your group will be greeted by our Programs Manager, who will gather the children and share a bit about the museum, guidelines for engaging with the exhibits, and help chaperones break the children into groups.

The students will then get to spread out in groups and explore the museum at their own pace. Groups of 4-6 children, going room-by-room, can spend 5-10 minutes in each space and cover all 15 of our exhibits. If arranged ahead of time, our large party room can be set up for snack or lunch time for students – we know play is hungry work!

Our exhibits were developed by an experienced team of former educators and librarians, with a keen eye toward elementary fundamentals. Our exhibits engage children’s minds with hands-on learning in STEAM, literacy, creative arts, social and emotional skills, gross and fine motor, and language arts. Each exhibit is themed, which allows for a deeper dive in particular subject areas that align with your curriculum: Outer Space, Farm to Table, Ocean Life, Comics, Insects, Medical/Our Body, Banking, just to name a few! Our staff can help you create an experience that highlights one of our themed rooms if you would like. We are committed to making this a memorable and enriching experience for all of your students.

Danielle Peacock, a local pre-school director, said of their field trip fall 2022: “My students, staff and I had the best time at the museum! What an amazing space for children to explore, learn, and grow. Your had work and dedication to the development of young children’s minds truly shines throughout your museum! We were all so impressed and our students so happy! Thank you again for having us. We look forward to another trip in the near future.”

To learn more about pricing/fees and how to book your group’s next field trip, please contact Susie Lord at or by calling 978-538-5769.

Students and teacher heading to their bus after a field trip to North Shore Children's Museum